- Surrounded by nature -

Krimml´s natural wonders

In Krimml Wasserfalldorf you can see what a wonder the world really is:
crowned by glaciers, beautiful alpine lakes, forests and valleys fill with wildflower in the spring and the highest waterfalls of Europe - the Krimml Waterfalls in the Hohe Tauern National Park.

Krimml Waterfalls

  • Lower Krimml Waterfall

A gigantic quantity of water whisch is falling thunderously down into the valley basin, leads you to a gripping adventure.
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Krimml Achen Valley

  • Krimml Achen Valley

There are alpine pastures in the Krimml Achen Valley since the Middle Ages.
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Wildgerlos Valley

  • Wildgerlos Valley

Beautiful alpine lakes, each offering its one unique view of the mountains, alpine pastures, snowy peaks and rocks
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