The hut Gletscherblickalm

- 1850m above sea level -

The hut Gletscherblickalm is a friendly destination for hikers at the foot of the Plattenkogel peak and a great option for enjoying the alpine nature of Krimml Wasserfalldorf.
The hut offers wonderful panoramic views of the Durlaßboden Stausee Lake, of Königsleiten, the romantic Wildgerlostal Valley and the glaciers of the Reichenspitzgruppe mountain range.

The owner of the hut Gletscherblickalm, the Lerch family, offers engaging, agricultural dairy products. There is nothing better than tasting their fine cheese!

The hut Gletscherblickalm is easy to reach. The family friendly tour starts at Silberleiten (Hochkrimml/ Gerlosplatte). Follow the trail in serpentines that lead up to the hut Gletscherblickalm (difference in altitude of approx. 200 metres).
Walking distance approx. 45 minutes.

After a hearty snack in the Gletscherblick hut you can continue the hike.

Follow the trail over the alpine pastures of Hinterplatte to Breitscharte. From there we come to Leitenkamersteig, a small path surrounded by rocks and alpine pines, which leads you to the Wildkaralm pastures and down to the Finkau alpine inn.


The Plattenkogel is a viewing platform in Krimml Wasserfalldorf and offers magnificent views of the Hohe Tauern, the Zillertal Alps and the Kitzbühel Alps.