What is worth seeing in Krimml Wasserfalldorf

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The Krimml waterfalls,

a natural spectacle between water and ice

The Krimml waterfalls radiate magical beauty all year round. Especially in winter, the solidifying water masses unfold in a fantastic play of light and color.

If you hike from Krimml through the snow-covered waterfall forest and past the Alpine Club information point, you will reach Hanke's Café Restaurant. There you have a spectacular view of the lower Krimml waterfall, which plunges past impressive rock faces into the Krimml valley floor. Light and shadow give the ice formations that form in the cold season countless shapes and colors. The loud roar of the water gives way to a wintry silence, which only turns into a powerful roar in spring when the snow melts.


In winter, the waterfall path is only accessible as far as Hanke's Cafe Restaurant. The route along the Krimml waterfalls up to the entrance to the Krimml Achental is closed in winter for safety reasons.