Warnsdorfer Hütte

Alpine shelter in the Krimmler Achental

Headerbild: Whgler, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The hut Warnsdorfer Hütte  is an alpine hut located 2334 m above sea level in the Krimmler Achental valley, in the heart of the national park Hohe Tauern. 

The mountain hut is a checkpoint for tours in the western Venedigergruppe of the mountain range Hohe Tauern and a popular destination for hikers and mountain climbers and also a training base for mountain rescue and the alpine police.
In the hut you are served with traditional dishes from the Austrian kitchen. For schoolings and courses is a training room for approximately 30 people on hand. A boulder wall for climbers is a pastime activity on days with bad weather. 

The hut Warnsdorfer Hütte is a high alpine mountain hut! 

It is owned by the Alpenverein Warnsdorf-Krimml of the Austrian Alpine Association. 
The hut is dependent on the weather open from the beginning of June to the end of September.


The hut Warnsdorfer Hütte is situated 2334m above sea level amidst of the national park Hohe Tauern in the valley Krimmler Achental. There is no driveway!
You can approach the hut through the following ascents:

  • the taxi of the hut drives you from Krimml to the material ropeway, from there the climb takes you about 1,5 hours by foot
  • from Krimml / Krimmler Wasserfälle - climb via the waterfalls Krimmler Wasserfälle to the valley Krimmler Achental - Hike through the valley Krimmler Achental to the end of the valley Innerkees, climb to the hut, walking time: 5-6 hours 
  • by bike: drive along the driveway from the crossing of the Gerlos Alpenstraße to the waterfalls Krimmler Wasserfälle and 20 km through the valley Krimmler Achental, climb from the valley head to the hut takes about 1,5 hours by foot

Alpine mountain hut - information

  • Alpine shelter
  • 20 beds
  • Sleeping place in bunk rooms for 60 people
  • Winter room
  • room for training course (30 people)
  • starting point for numerous mountain tours

Tenant Elli & Stefan Zangerl
Warnsdorfer Hütte
5743 Krimml
Tel. Hütte: +43 6564 8241
Mobil: +43 664 1217076

Alpenverein Warnsdorf-Krimml
Oberkrimml 47, A-5743 Krimml
Tel.: +43 65647212

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