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- Why Krimml is so special -

Krimml ist a great little village and maybe one of the best places for nature lovers. It is situated 1067 meters above the sea-level at the valley head of the Salzachtal valley. Krimml marches upon Tyrol and South Tyrol in Italy. Of course you know Krimml because of the Krimmler Wasserfälle. The Krimmler Ache falls three times over mighty rocky steps until it reaches the Krimml valley basin. This creates three massive river waterfalls, the upper Krimml waterfall, the middle Krimml waterfall and the lower Krimml waterfall.
We invite you not just see them, but experience Krimml´s people, places and happenings.
You have got some exploring to do. 
Fascinating high valleys such as the Krimmler Achental and the Wildgerlostal in the Hohe Tauern National Park, glistening lakes, deep gorges, blooming alpine pastures and the perfect slopes of the Zillertal Arena in Hochkrimml Gerlosplatte above the Gerlospass... or sights such as the Krimml Water Worlds.

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Do you know Krimml Wasserfalldorf?

Where is the village anyways!

Krimml is a Hohe Tauern National Park community in the Hohe Tauern, in between Salzburg and Tyrol in Western Austria. Some people think the Krimml Waterfalls are the best things about the European National Monuments, and of course they’re right.

Hochkrimml is a village in the municipality of Krimml and is located directly above the Gerlos Pass at around 1650 m above sea level. The accommodation facilities, shops and restaurants in Hochkrimml today extend over the old alpine pasture area of ​​the Vorderplatte, Mitterplatte and Hinterplatte. They were created in several stages over the course of the 20th century for winter sports enthusiasts and hikers who appreciate the alpine lifestyle on the mountain and the opportunities for skiing and mountain sports.

Krimml´s natural wonders

What can you do in Krimml?

Krimml Wasserfalldorf ist so multi-faceted.

So figure out what to put at the top of your list -

hiking, cycling, skiing in the Zillertal Arena ski area, snow sports, forests, mountains.

And start also looking around now at all the trip destinations, farmers’ markets, the frozen Krimml Waterfalls.

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Ski & hiking vacation in Krimml

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Shopping in the supermarket, to the café & to the bank

Service and shopping in Krimml

In the SEkO Center Krimml you can get everyday goods and products as well as banking services. A SPAR SUPERMARKT supplies you with groceries and goods. In the Schrollback BACKSHOP you get fresh bread and pastries as well as fine baked goods every day. The RAIFFEISENBANK Oberpinzgau branch in Krimml is a proven partner in all banking services.

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Worth knowing and seeing im Krimml Wasserfalldorf

The Krimmler Wasserfälle

with a total height of 380m

The Krimmler Wasserfälle are located on the north-west edge of the Hohe Tauern in the state of Salzburg. They are fed by the Krimmler Ache, a glacial stream that rises at the Krimmler Kees in the Venice Group. From there, the Krimmler Ache flows through the Krimmler Achental until its lower reaches plunge over 380 m into the Krimml valley basin, forming the Krimmler Wasserfälle. The Krimmler Wasserfälle are so powerful that you can see the outstanding European natural monument from afar. The masses of water cascading down three steps roar, rush and roar - the Achen Falls perform a fascinating natural spectacle with a dramaturgy that amazes.

The best way to see the lower, middle and upper Achenfall is to climb up along the Warnsdorf-Krimml Alpine Club waterfall trail to the entrance to the Krimmler Achental. You can feel the spray on your skin, breathe in the healthy waterfall air and see and feel the overwhelming power of nature from the numerous viewing platforms.

Anton Wallner Biershop

The pleasure of beer from Krimml

We like it. You might like it too... The hearty Anton Wallner beer from Krimml is fresh from the cellar from the local brewery. For all beer connoisseurs and beer lovers who want to enjoy the taste of Krimml at home:

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Rem-Brand brandies and liqueurs

Noble distillates from the fine Krimml distillery

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Where there is nature, there I am a human being.

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For those who have fallen in love with the Krimml Wasserfalldorf, for those who appreciate Krimml's natural wonders, who carry the valleys, the wild water and peaks deep in their hearts, for the Krimml - friends on this earth.

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