Krimml Waterfall village

- Why Krimml is so special -

Krimml ist a great little village and maybe one of the best places for nature lovers. It is situated 1067 meters above the sea-level at the valley head of the Salzachtal valley. Krimml marches upon Tyrol and South Tyrol in Italy. Of course you know Krimml because of the Krimml Waterfalls. We invite you not just see them, but experience Krimml´s people, places and happenings.
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Do you know Krimml Waterfall village?

Getting there
Where is Krimml anyways!

Krimml is a Hohe Tauern National Park community in the Hohe Tauern, in between Salzburg and Tyrol in Western Austria. Some people think the Krimml Waterfalls are the best things about the European National Monuments, and of course they’re right.

Do you know Krimml Waterfall village?

Krimml has its waterfalls, mountains, the Hohe Tauern National Park, the Zillertal Arena skiing area,high valleys, glaciers, rivers and so much more.

Krimml´s natural wonders

See and do in Krimml Wasserfalldorf?

Krimml Achen valley
Krimml Waterfall village is so multi-faceted!

There is not a single amazing thing about Krimml Wasserfalldorf - there are many! 


See and do in Krimml Wasserfalldorf?

So figure out what to put at the top of your list - hiking, cycling, skiing in the Zillertal Arena ski area, snow sports, forests, mountains.

And start also looking around now at all the trip destinations, farmers’ markets, the frozen Krimml Waterfalls.

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Skiing & hiking holidays in Krimml

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Shopping and banking

Service and shopping in Krimml

A SPAR supermarket, a bread shop and a RAIFFEISEN Bank are situated in the shopping center in the heart of Krimml.

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Where there is nature, there I am a human being.

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Krimml Waterfalls - 385 m high

The Krimml Waterfalls are under the special protection of the Council of Europe. Their cascades are so mighty, that they can be seen from far away. Huge waves of water are falling thunderous down in the valley basin of Krimml, roaring and rustling.

Discover a fascinating natural spectacle on the way to the top and feel the spray, breathe the waterfall air, sense the power of nature.

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Webcam Krimmler Wasserfall

Webcam Hankes Cafe Restaurant

Lower Krimml Waterfall, Middle Krimml Waterfall and Topmost Krimml Waterfall

Krimml is a waterfall village